Alzheimer’s Care Giving Tips – Home Safety Part One

June 3, 2016 in Our News & Bulletins by Anchor Health Care

Over time people with Alzheimer’s disease become less able to manage around the house.  As a caregiver, you can do many things to make the person’s home a safer place.  Think prevention-help avoid accidents by controlling possible problems.  While some Alzheimer’s behaviors can be managed medically, many such as wandering and agitation cannot.  It is more effective to change the person’s surroundings- for example to remove dangerous items than to try and change behaviors.  Changing the home environment can give the person more freedom to move around independently and safely.


Add the following items to the person’s home if they are not already in place:

  • Smoke and carbon monoxide detectors in or near the kitchen and bedrooms
  • Emergency Phone numbers and the person’s address near all phones
  • Safety Knobs and automatic shut-off switch on the stove
  • Childproof plugs for unused electrical outlets and childproof latches on cabinet doors

You can buy home safety products at stores carrying hardware, electronics, medical supplies and children’s items.

Lock up or remove these potentially dangerous items from the home:

  • Medicines
  • Alcohol
  • Cleaning and household products, such as paint thinner and matches
  • Guns and other weapons, scissors, knives, power tools and machinery
  • Gasoline cans and other dangerous items in the garage.

Next week in Part Two of Alzheimer’s Care Giving Tips we will cover moving around the house.


Bob Zangas

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